The Ballet Book Workbook Series


The Ballet Book Series of workbooks was created to give teachers and students supplemental materials to reinforce classroom work.

Each ballet illustration has been designed to be technically correct in position and staging. Vocabulary phonetics are an approximation of American pronunciations of the French words. The Ballet Book Series has been created with the goal of helping young dancers gain more knowledge and understanding of their art.

Author Donna Jones Carver first conceived the idea of The Ballet Book Series based on her own experience as a ballet teacher. Wanting to give her students a broader base in ballet, she created lesson plans that formed the basis for Workbook III, IV, and V. With the help of co-author Sally Weatherford, she created this series. Over ten years went into researching, compiling and writing the background material presented in these workbooks.

Perfect for the youngest ballet student (Workbook I and Workbook II) as well as the older, more advanced student (Workbook III , Workbook IV and Workbook V).

Two abbreviated summer school editions(Summer Student Workbook I, Summer Student Workbook II) are also available.

  • Educationally Solid
  • Technically Correct
  • Beautifully Illustrated